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New Commercial Unit

MTA Chartered Architects were commisioned to design a modern 20,000 square foot industrial unit for one of the UK's leading packaging companies on an undeveloped plot of land at Roundswell Business Park in Barnstaple.

The steel frame building was finsihed externally with insulated curved roof panels and dark grey micro rib cladding to a thermally efficient building with a modern apperance. Featured coloured banding was incorporated into the design to represent the corporate colours of the end user. The attention to detail that was taken during the design and construction phases of the project has helped to make this one of the most astecically pleasing buildings in the business park.

Modern Industrial Unit with Curved Roof and Microrib Cladding in Barnstaple
Atlas Packaging Industiral Units Curved Canopy, Roundswell Business Park
Atlas Packaging Industrial Unit in Devon
Steel Frame Interior View of Atlas Packaging Industrial Unit in Barnstaple
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