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Bolton Cross Residential & Commercial Development

This new development replaced a dilapidated shop with flats over which was demolished as part of a road widening scheme.

The remaining narrow plot called for something out of the ordinary which would maximise the available limited space whilst addressing

a very prominent gateway position to the town and become a very public piece of architecture.

The building has been designed as a wrap-around facade which connects two main streets and picks up visual references to the original building within the conservation area. The large section of curtain walling which addresses the corner of the site and main crossroad into the town is clad with tri-coloured fins and perforated mesh to invoke the fishing heritage of Brixham.

Bolton Cross Residential and Commercial Development Architectural Window Detail with Tri Coloured Fins and Perforated Mesh
View of new residential and commercial building from Bolton Cross Brixham
Bolton Cross Residential and Commercial Development Brixham
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