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Brixham Cricket Club Pavilion

MTA Architects worked with a local contractor to produce the detailed design for this new facility for Brixham Cricket Club. The pavilion occupies an elevated position as a result of the "cut and fill" operations required to create a new flat cricket square and out-field. This provides an excellent covered viewing platform for spectators to watch the cricket. The architecture combines some dramatic structure to support the roof canopy with more restrained, timber-clad elevations to achieve a distinctive modern building that sits well in its natural surroundings.

Brixham Cricket Club Pavillion
Timber Cladding and Windows, Brixham Cricket Club
Front Elevaton of Brixham Cricket Club Pavilion, Designed by Brixham Architects
Brixham Cricket Club Commercial Development MTA Chartered Architects Devon
Brixham Cricket Pavilion External Terrace
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